For Bands

We hire a range of sound systems including mixer/amplifiers with loudspeakers, powered loudspeakers or amplifiers with passive loudspeakers. We also hire a range of mixing desks, vocal and instrument microphones, bass and lead guitar combos, DI boxes, foldback and multicore.

All PA Equipment has been chosen from quality brands such as Allen and Heath, dB Technologies, Shure, Sennheiser, Laney/HH, and Beyerdynamic.

For DJs

We hire a range of sound systems including powered loudspeakers and amplifiers with passive loudspeakers. We have a selection of DJ mixers, CD players, CDJs and decks for vinyl. All DJ equipment is from top quality manufacturers including Pioneer, Technics, Kam and Vestax.

We can also provide monitoring.

PA For Events

Whether you are making a presentation to thirty people or addressing an audience of five hundred, we have an appropriate sound system. PAs are available with cable or radio microphones. We also hire projectors for computer data or video, as well as front and back-projection screens. Please contact us by telephone or via this website for further details.