Call us today or come in and view our extensive range of lighting and sound equipment. We have grown to become one of the leading hire/supply companies in Oxford and the surrounding areas.



Band Lighting

Classic Parcan Rig with Par 56 Lanterns, dimmer packs and Pulsar Rock Desk.

Single Pulsar Lanterns with or without dimmer control.

The latest LED Can Rig with controller.

Follow spots, complete with iris, stand and dimmer control.

Lighting stands and colour filters can be supplied as required.

Disco and Party Lighting

We have an extensive range of Laser Projectors from Kam, Lanta and American DJ, including the Kam Laserscan 1000.

Moving Beam Projectors activated by sound include Martin Roboscan 812s, Martin Acrobat, Martin T-Rex and Raptor.

Moving Beam Projectors and Laser lights are greatly enhanced when used with a smoke machine. We have various models available including low smoke and a vertical smoke machine as well as the standard type.

Ultra Violet Lighting includes 4ft. UV tubes, LED UV Lanterns which can be used as a static light or set to pulse, flash or react to sound. We also have UV cannon.

If you're having a UV party don't forget that we sell Stargazer UV reactive face paint, hair colour and eye shadow. We also stock Rosco VividFX paint and fluorescent adhesive tape.

We have a number of strobes and controllers available suitable for short periods of use for that special effect.

Other classic lighting effects include Mirror Balls with Rotators and pinspots; also Optikinetics Solar 250 and K2 projectors with oil wheels.

For house parties sound activated LED parcans are popular for the smaller venue and small budgets.

Three Party Favourites:

Martin Acrobat

Kam Starcluster Laser

Smoke Machine


For a colour themed room you may like lanterns with colour filter of your choice or LED lights which can be set to many colours. Lighting ideal for a marquee or garden is detailed in the section on outdoor lighting.

For other wedding lighting please refer to band lighting or the disco and party lighting lists.

Three Wedding Favourites:

Mirror Ball and pinspots

Lanterns with pink filter or the latest LED's set to your chosen colour

Outdoor festoons with clear light bulbs

Live Productions

Classic Parcan Rig with Par 56 Lanterns, dimmer packs and Pulsar Rock Desk.

Single Pulsar Lanterns with or without dimmer control.

LED Parcan Rig with controller.

Fresnel Lights.

Profile spotlights with iris or gobo.

Follow Spots with iris, colour rack, stand and dimmer control.

Ultra Violet Lighting including UV Cannon, LED UV lanterns and UV tubes.

We also stock Stargazer UV reactive face paint, hair colour, eye shadow and glitter as well as fluorescent adhesive tape and Rosco VividFX UV reactive acrylic paint.

Lighting stands, colour filters and gobos are available as required.

High-definition wide-angle projectors can back-project for instant and quick-change scenery.

Outdoor Lighting

Perfect for grounds, marquees, quadrangles or gardens, festoons are available with clear or coloured light bulbs or colour changing LED light bulbs.

Outdoor floodlights at 300watts, 500watts or 1000watts are ideal to illuminate trees or buildings.

Ground spikes can be used to light up small shrubs.

High power computer projectors (with protection) can be used outdoors for high definition film or still images. With protection many of the lasers we hire look spectacular outdoors.

Themed Events

Lighting can be the quick and easy way to create the right ambience for an event. Red lighting and a Flame Machine can transform a room into "Hell", while blue and golden lighting and a Smoke Machine can make a heavenly transformation. If your party is "Tight and Bright", Ultra Violet lighting and make up with hair colour could be just the thing.

You may need a Bubble Machine supplied with UV reactive bubble juice or a Snow Machine. Whatever your theme, tell us what you wish to achieve and we can usually come up with some creative ideas.